Case Study


Venmo is not a banking App, yet is a payment app.
This is a redesign of Venmo to optimize the main mission of the application for the intended user.
A close study on micro interactions to be fun, friendly and social payment system. Send and receive money with friends. The case study was end to end; from discovery, user research, user testing to design and deploy. 


Research, User Flows, UI/UX Concept & Design, Visual Design


Solo Project


Wenting Zhang


9 weeks

Problem Statement

How might we optimise the user experience that is fun, friendly and social with a focus feedback loop while transacting money.


User Research

Demographic: The ages of 18 to 34. 

Friends and people who need to split, share payments.

User Personas

22, Female

Uses the app to send and request money from her roommates.

Often finds money in her account that she forgot about.

Paypal can be a competitor.

25, Male

Frequently uses it when going out with friends to split payments.

It's convenient and easy. Only hard when sending/ requesting money to a non friend.

Quickpay can be a competitor.

Current Site Map

User Flow

For the Payment System


Amount Balance Feature

QR Code Scanning Feature



Giving focus to what matters to the users.

1. Sending and Requesting Payments with a clear feedback.

2. Emphasizing Scan QR and Balance only on certain screens.



User Testing

Think Aloud Cognitive Walkthrough

Task 1. How would you navigate through the app.

Task 2.  Ask users about how often do they check their balance.

Task 3. Ask users about the menu bar.  

Task 4. Ask users about Scan QR Codes.

Task 5. Ask users about the amount slider.

Task 6. Ask users about confirmation feedback.

Task 7. Ask users about the speed of the animation.

Key Insights

Users wanted their profile to be more  emphasize.

Users like the menu bar rather than a profile image.

Users were not using most of the existing touch points.

Depending on the age and scenario, users would user the amount slider

The speed of animation and feed back mattered a lot.

Style guide and colors need to cater Venmo.


1. Inserted a Dashboard, to display the balance and give an option to transfers funds.

2. Inserted a clear payment confirmation feedback.

3. Inserted mirco interactions making the app Fun and Friendly.

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